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Wreathin’ It Up 2018

Dec 4, 2018

I’m not gonna lie.  Adding a wreath workshop into the mix, usually makes my head spin earlier in the year.  I put it on the calendar and I commit to it, but I can’t even wrap my head around it until the full effect of wedding season quiets down.  If it wasn’t for Five Pine Lodge inviting me back, I probably would have ended up doing this last minute in someone’s living room.  Even when I put the tickets on sale a couple of months ago, and people would ask what kind of a wreath would we be making in the class, I honestly couldn’t even answer them because I didn’t know.  I just knew they would all turn out great and we would have tons of fun and whoever wasn’t scared off by my lack of detail would be in for a great time (and a beautiful wreath).

At some point, about 2 weeks ago, I narrowed my focus and I figured it all out.  I decided that instead of a recipe this year, I was going to provide an ingredient list that would enable each participant to really get their creative on.  I demonstrated the techniques they would need to know and provided all of the tools, fun bits, ribbon, and the wreath bases to get them started, and then I set them on their way.  Assisted by Tanya and Kathi, two of SRF’s designers, we made sure that all of the 35 participants had as little or as much help as they needed to create a wreath they truly loved.  Caitlin of Gallivan Creative (and Caitlin&Co and Gallivan Photo) was there to capture all of the fun and the finished product.  Here’s a little bit of what our afternoon shaped up like:

Looking through all of these images, I couldn’t help but tear up because EvERY SinGLe OnE of these WoMeN is so beautiful and made such incredible wreaths that were all so unique and full of personality, that I just feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to serve them, even in the smallest way.  So many of these women were my brides, or took this workshop last year, or are going to be my brides in 2019/2020, or are now new friends.  It warms my heart and I couldn’t be more grateful to all of them.

Now the holiday season has officially started in my mind.  😉

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