Set amidst the picturesque backdrop of early Autumn in Bend and inspired by the radiant golden shades of the changing foliage and this family's deep-rooted connection to craft beer brewing, Cassie & Ed's wedding was a true reflection of the couple's unique bond and the essence of their hometown.

As a floral designer inspired by the beauty and seasonality of nature, I focused on complimenting the rustic charm of Sunriver's Great Hall by adding in the warmth of the season's foliage from the mountains with the last-of-the-season locally-grown hops to pay homage to this family's beer brewing DNA.

Cassie & Ed


The Indigo Bride


Rosemary & Pine


Sunriver Resort

“I can't even tell you how many times we've heard how beautiful our flowers were from our guests... Even to this day.”  (a year and a half later)
-cassie & Ed


Blue Wave Band


At the heart of Cassie & Ed's  ceremony was their abundant arbor which began as gestural golden fern and maple "growing up" the right side and then slowly transitioning to the left side's hops vines.  Locally-grown dahlias and lush, ruffled neutral-colored roses punctuated the installation and added romance to all of the textures, setting the tone for the rest of the day.

The PErsonals

I must confess, Cassie and Ed's personal florals are some of my favorites to date. They were modern, elegant, and full of lush, tonal blooms that perfectly encapsulated the essence of their personal sense of style. 

Cassie's bouquets showcased an array of exquisite blooms including mauve garden roses, delicate butterfly ranunculus, golden hops, buttery yellow maple, and fern from the forest floor. 

Ed and his groomsmens' boutonnieres were crafted from dahlia buds, hops, fern, and decorative grasses were the perfect finishing touch to their sharp tuxedos.

All were finished with a champagne silk ribbon wrap to compliment the flowers chosen and what the bridal party was wearing.


Inspired by the rustic charm of their venue, we aimed to accentuate the space with the soft glow of candlelight and romantic florals.  Our vision was to merge the outdoors with the indoors creating focal points and space for visual relief by strategically keeping floral arrangements focused to tabletops, while adorning the stage, stairways, and majestic fireplace with sweeping gestures of maple branches, hops, and fern.  These expressive textures enhanced the venue's rustic ambiance and also invited guests to immerse themselves in the enchanting atmosphere of the celebration.

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