Guided by Kelly's juicy color palette of coral, peach, shades of pink, and a hint of tangerine, we embarked on a collaborative journey with a beloved flower farm we work with in Salem, OR who grew and sourced flowers specifically for this wedding.

My vision for the overall design was to celebrate the individual beauty of each floral variety we selected.  Every arrangement and installation was crafted to reflect Kelly and Joe's distinct personality and style.

Kelly & Joe


Paloma Events


Sierra Ashleigh Photo


Benjamin Edwards

“we owe so much to you and the amount of 'those were the prettiest flowers i've ever seen' comments we've gotten is unreal! you are a creative genius!!!”
 - kelly


Sean Hayes


For their ceremony, we transformed their pasture into a floral wonderland, lining the aisle with gardens of lush blooms that welcomed guests into their sacred space. The focal point was the arbor, which we affectionately dubbed their "marriage portal", adorned with an abundance of seasonal blooms and textures, it enveloped Kelly and Joe in a visual embrace, symbolizing the warmth and support surrounding them as they exchanged their heartfelt vows.

The PErsonals

Kelly's bouquet was meticulously crafted, brimming with a curated selection of sumptuous, seasonal blooms in her theme colors, designed to complement Kelly's elegant gown and timeless bridal look. For her bridesmaids, we designed mono-floral bouquets, each featuring a single ingredient from Kelly's bouquet. This thoughtful approach ensured that each bouquet resonated with the unique personality of each maid, adding a personalized touch to their matching pale blue gowns.


At Kelly and Joe's wedding, every guest was treated to a luxurious experience, extending even to the arrangements we designed for each of their individual tables.   The head table boasted a stunning display of florals, gently transitioning in color, seemingly growing up from the center and elegantly stretching along the table's entire length.  Meanwhile, each guest table centerpiece was thoughtfully tailored, ensuring that no two were alike, adding an extra layer of charm and individuality to their celebration.

Setting the stage for an unforgettable dance party, we repurposed the stunning aisle florals from the ceremony and made the stage into a captivating focal point. This dynamic transformation not only infused the tent with vibrant color but also added a touch of romantic elegance to the space, ensuring a night to remember for Kelly and Joe and their guests.

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